Oh God ~ my Prince Charming long look like?

Zebra Prince ring travels
Oh God ~ my Prince Charming long look like? I beg you to tell me my palms together to pray silently, facing the window, devout even I was touched, to hypocritically spit saliva and put it pretend teardrop on the eyelids. "I'll take you!" A voice suddenly coming out, I was really surprised.
01 I go around looking for: "uh ... God your old apparitions what?" "Fool, I zebra Prince on your T-shirt." Oh ... I bow, it turned out to be the head there are a handful of lanugo countenance alone, this pair of neotenous, take me to Prince Charming? I made up a whispered.
02 "Well, you can not look down upon me!" Seem to have heard my Fufei zebra shook himself suddenly brought me to a place looks like a palace, in front of a tall horse grazing. "This is Prince Charming? Obviously yellow! You lie to me!" "Ah, a mistake made a mistake, we'll see!"
03 The shoop sound, the picture becomes a zebra couple Erbinsimo. "Yeah, well shy mother zebra hide in the public zebra behind him, flutters her long eyelashes, big eyes looked at us. "The losers Son brothers?" Public the zebra opening asked. Uh ... all right all right ... and wrong. Small zebra quickly with my flash.
04 "rumble rumble ..." Hey, thunder, you? I take a closer look, turned out to be two groups of wild horses in the grasslands of the race. A group of yellow green, a group of intertwined pretty great. "But ... we are not looking for Prince Charming's it? What is this?" Little zebra tail between his legs shyly: "... and wrong, keep looking, keep looking ..."
05 small zebra "puff" snapped the nose, this time appear in front of a colorful zebra. I saw it shook the mane, bright colors and looks like let me see stunned. Rainbow Zebra, you can tell I am looking for Prince cheap sexy lingerie Charming to how to get there? "Back to the small zebra is actually quite modest, and finally know how to ask for directions. "Probably walk two kilometers west, then east two kilometers ..." This is not back to where you? I shook my head, original beautiful appearance does not necessarily fly, it drives small zebra move on.
06 walked the field of vision suddenly cheerful, boisterous scene of the flowers are blooming, a zebra is immersed among the flowers unable to extricate themselves. "Oh, bad, how went it here Hurry up!" Small zebra loaded quickly slipped from the sidelines, while quietly told me the story of the flowers in the zebra. It is like forcibly crossing the horse to accompany it lying here, and tell the lie enough for forty-nine days to flower color dyed colorful zebra legend like Xianglinsao-like.
07 "Oh, so tired!" Wandered around for most of the day, not a little fly signs I'm a little frustrated, V rest in a small zebra body. Small zebra black and white staggered stripes with its breathing and downs, and ripple like a flow of liquid, as if magically people can not stop staring at the.
08 "to" zebra shout Yi Gulu on the climb up from its back. What it is colorful zebra! "Different this time and on the back, who is the prophet of our zebra sector, did not see it house full shows the text of cheap sexy costumes your human? It is relying on this divining the future. "" Oh? Zhenyoucishi? "
09 I climbed down on horseback, a bowed respectfully to the prophet: "Can you help me divination Where is my Prince Charming, long look like?" Colorful zebra nodded, pulled out a crystal ball, rumble read a spell with his eyes, motioned me to look into the crystal ball. "Ah? Wearing a hat fat hippopotamus?!" I was shocked, his head hit the bed, this dream, wake up.Zebra Prince ring travels