Vibration system for concrete pipe making machine

A vibration system for concrete pipe making machine which system utilizes a precisely manufactured inner mold core that contains mounting surfaces for two coupling shaft bearings and two electric vibrators. The bearing mounting surfaces are accurately located with respect to the electric vibrator mounting surfaces to allow the mold core to become the vibration structure. Jaw-type coupling hubs are keyed and fixed to each end of a coupling shaft with each electric vibrator also having a jaw-type coupling hub fixed to one end of its eccentric weights. The eccentric weights of both electric vibrators are aligned upon assembly in the core.
A vibration system for steel pipe machine for making concrete products such as concrete pipes and the like, which steel pipe making machine utilize a mold that includes an outer mold and an inner mold that provide an annular space into the steel tube mills concrete is introduced to form the concrete product, said vibration system comprising: an inner mold having an inner surface that defines an interior space having a longitudinal axis; upper and lower bearing mounting plates spaced apart along the longitudinal axis of the interior space and secured to the inner mold; a coupling shaft bearing mounted on each of the bearing mounting plates; a coupling shaft supported by and turnable in the coupling shaft bearings and having upper and lower ends extending beyond the upper and lower mounting plates; a coupling hub fixed to each of the upper and lower ends of the coupling shaft; upper and lower vibrator mounting plates secured to the inner mold beyond the upper and lower ends, respectively, of the coupling shaft; an upper vibrator assembly mounted on the upper vibrator mounting plate and a lower vibrator assembly mounted on the lower vibrator mounting plate; and upper and lower vibrator coupling hubs engageable with the respective coupling hubs at the upper and lower ends of the coupling shaft whereby the vibrator assemblies can be properly synchronized.